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Re: Saving netrw hide list to session file

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  • Tim Johnson
    ... Thank you for the quick reply. ... Understood. ... I put let g:Netrw_list_hide= g:netrw_list_hide into the wrapper function that saves the session.
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 30, 2011
      * Charles Campbell <Charles.E.Campbell@...> [110630 11:18]:
      > Tim Johnson wrote:
      > >Using vim 7.2 on ubuntu 10.04, huge version.
      > >
      > >I make use of Dr. Campbell's netrw browse window, which has the
      > >ctrl-h feature that allows me to edit the hide list.
      > >
      > >The hide list is associated with g:netrw_list_hide. I would like to
      > >be able to save that variable to my session file. However, when I
      > >save the session, I do not see that the g:netrw_list_hide is saved.
      > >In fact g:netrw_list_hide is not even defined until netrw is first
      > >invoked.
      > >
      > >Is it possible to save g:netrw_list_hide?
      > >
      > Hello!
      Thank you for the quick reply.
      > From the vim manual, under :help mks...
      > 2. Restores global variables that start with an uppercase letter and contain
      > at least one lowercase letter, if 'sessionoptions' contains "globals".
      > So, unfortunately, g:netrw_list_hide does not satisfy that constraint.
      > I checked into whether this process could be automated;
      > unfortunately, there does not appear to be a SessionWritePre autocmd
      > event. If there was, something like

      > au SessionWritePre * let g:Netrw_list_hide= g:netrw_list_hide
      I put let g:Netrw_list_hide= g:netrw_list_hide into
      the 'wrapper' function that saves the session.
      "" Save session after confirmation
      function! TjSaveSession()
      let g:Netrw_list_hide = g:netrw_list_hide
      let res = input("Save Session: [" . v:this_session ."] (Y/N)")
      if res == "y"
      exe ':call AutoSaveVimSesn()'
      "" Global variable saved

      > au SessionLoadPost * let g:netrw_list_hide= g:Netrw_list_hide
      And the line above in my .vimrc
      > might work.
      And now it works!

      Thanks for the solution.
      tim at johnsons-web dot com or akwebsoft dot com

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