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Re: Help! how to check viminfo for errors?

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  • Ben Schmidt
    ... Vim 6.4 is pretty ancient. The bug may well have been fixed, though I can t quickly spot a patch that addresses it. I haven t heard it reported for more
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 2, 2011
      >> What version of Vim is running? I suppose you're not in a position to
      >> run a different version, either?
      > Currently he is running vim 6.4 on a SunOS 5.9 machine. I tried the
      > sunfreeware binary for vim 7.3, solaris 7 -- on his machine, but this
      > version of vim seemed to have problems drawing the screen and
      > understanding termimfo.

      Vim 6.4 is pretty ancient. The bug may well have been fixed, though I
      can't quickly spot a patch that addresses it. I haven't heard it
      reported for more recent versions, though.

      It's strange that Vim 7.3 isn't working well with the terminal. Maybe
      $TERM is set wrongly or Vim is compiled to use the wrong ncurses or
      terminfo library or something. I don't see any reason a more recent Vim
      should work less well in this regard than an older one. It would surely
      be better to get Vim 7.3 working than to struggle with an ancient

      > Does my friend quit vim when quickly logging out of his remote
      > connection? - No he does not.

      I didn't expect he would do it deliberately. I wondered if perhaps the
      connection just dropped out from time to time though, and caused the
      problem somehow.


      P.S. I don't know how you're writing your mails, but they keep appearing
      as new threads, rather than replies to older messages, which makes the
      conversation somewhat hard to follow. If you're able to reply to an
      existing message in the conversation, it would be easier.

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