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Re: vertical cursor at right side of character

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    ... Hm, not really. In all editors, including Vim, when you insert characters (in insert, not replace, mode) they are added where the blinking bar is, and they
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 3, 2010
      On 19/10/10 19:19, rameo wrote:
      > On Oct 19, 10:27 am, Jürgen Krämer<jottka...@...> wrote:
      >> Hi,
      >> rameo wrote:
      >>> I noted that the vertical cursor blinks at the left side of a
      >>> character.
      >>> When I start selecting a text from right to left the selections starts
      >>> not from the cursor line but at the right side of the character next
      >>> to the cursor.
      >> are you talking about selecting text with shifted cursor keys?
      >>> Is it possible in vim to have the vertical cursor blinking at the
      >>> right side of the character? (as in firefox, google chrome and other
      >>> editors)
      > Jurgen,
      > I'll explain myself better:
      > This is the cursor in most editors I know in windows:
      > _x|_
      > x= character
      > | = cursor position
      > This is the cursor in vim/gvim:
      > _|x_

      Hm, not really. In all editors, including Vim, when you insert
      characters (in insert, not replace, mode) they are added where the
      blinking bar is, and they push whatever comes after that on the same line.

      The difference between Vim and the rest is that in most of these "other"
      editors, the insert cursor is positioned between characters. In Vim, the
      cursor is always _on_ a certain character cell, where (depending on edit
      mode) in can occupy either the full cell, or (in gvim or Windows
      console) some percentage of the height (at the bottom), or (in gvim
      only) some percentage of the width (on the left side). Not an overscore
      and not a rightside vertical bar.

      In non-Windows console Vim may or may not be able to change the cursor
      shape (and no more than two shapes are possible then) but there too it
      is always _on_ a character cell. When you select text by shift-cursor or
      by v then move-cursor, going in any direction, the selection (if
      inclusive) starts at the cell the cursor started on, and ends wherever
      you leave it (or vice-versa if you move the cursor left or up).

      The gvim default makes the visual-mode cursor different depending on
      whether 'selection' is "inclusive" (block cursor) or "exclusive"
      (one-third block at the bottom of the cell); but even if more cursor
      shapes were available (which they aren't) you couldn't have the cursor
      display both as _x|_ before you select text leftwards or upwards and as
      _|x_ before you select text rightwards or downwards, because Vim cannot
      know in which direction you're going to move the cursor next.

      What you _can_ do is use a block cursor or an underline cursor rather
      than a vertical-bar cursor if you want; you can also change the cursor's
      height or width (as a percentage of the cell size): see ":help 'guicursor'".

      > I prefer to have the cursor at the right side of the character.
      > Is that possible?
      >> Does
      >> :set selection=inclusive
      >> help?
      >> Regards,
      >> J rgen
      >> --
      >> Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere
      >> in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us. (Calvin)

      :help 'selection'
      :help 'guicursor'

      Best regards,
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