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Re: Searching for single character without anything around it , possible ?

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    ... In Vim regexps, b means a backspace character: probably not what you want; but means end-of-word so / / would find the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 31, 2010
      On 31/07/10 10:34, Aaron Lewis wrote:
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      > Hi,
      > I've remembered that some implementations of RegExp has a '\b' sign ,
      > e.g \bi\b means an character `i' without anything around it , does vim
      > support it ?
      > :help regular-expression seems to have that expression , but no much
      > documents about it.
      > Consider this: int i = 0 ; i< numOfServ ; i ++
      > And i'd like to replace the single `i' with j , so i tried s/\bi\b/j/g
      > , not working ? Or maybe something else , anyone could help ?
      > Thanks in advance !

      In Vim regexps, \b means a backspace character: probably not what you
      want; but \< means start-of-word and \> means end-of-word so /\<i\>/
      would find the letter i (which is in 'iskeyword') with no other
      'iskeyword' character next to it. Before it could be the start of the
      line, or a space, a tab, a comma, a parenthesis, etc., or anything not
      in 'iskeyword'; after it could be the end of the line, a space, etc.

      If you want i alone on its line, then /^i$/ would match it ( ^ is
      begin-of-line and $ is end-of-line). If you want either a space, tab, or
      begin-of-line before, and a space, tab, or end-of-line after, then you
      could match with /\%(^\|\s\)\zsi\ze\%(\s\|$)/ The latter can be
      simplified to /\_s\zsi\ze\_s/ if your "lone i" can be neither the first
      character of the file nor the last character on a file with no
      end-of-line on its last line.

      See :help pattern-overview -- the list continues until the next line of
      equal signs across the page.

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