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Re: How to automatically update the view in a vim when the same file is changed in other vim session?

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    ... See :help FileChangedShell gvim checks the file s timestamp when it regains input focus. Most console versions cannot detect that they have lost or gained
    Message 1 of 5 , May 1, 2010
      On 01/05/10 20:38, Peng Yu wrote:
      > On May 1, 10:19 am, Tony Mechelynck<antoine.mechely...@...>
      > wrote:
      >> On 01/05/10 16:30, Peng Yu wrote:
      >>> If I open the same file in two gvim sessions, and modify and write the
      >>> file in one session, the other session will be notified. However, this
      >>> is not true for vim. Is there a way to configure vim do the same thing?
      >> See :help 'autoread'
      >> Note that Vim doesn't know that "the other program" which modified the
      >> file is another instance of Vim -- it could be anything. Also, this
      >> won't work if Vim notices that a 'modified' file has also been modified
      >> somewhere else: in this case you will have to decide which changes to trash.
      >> Finer control (but also more occasions to shoot yourself in the foot) is
      >> afforded by the FileChangedShell autocommand event.
      > I type :set autoread in both vim session starting from genome-
      > terminal. Then, I write to the file from one vim session, the other
      > vim doesn't know the file has been changed. However, gvim knows a file
      > has been changed. Therefore, I doubt that it is because of some
      > configuration problem.
      > Then, what is the different between gvim and vim cause the difference
      > in this behavior?

      See :help FileChangedShell

      gvim checks the file's timestamp when it regains input focus. Most
      console versions cannot detect that they have lost or gained focus, see
      ":help FocusGained" and ":help FocusLost".

      The command
      (q.v.) will also trigger the check.

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