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ANN: SoftTabStops - Set typewriter like tabstops.

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  • Hari Krishna Dara
    I would like to announce this new plugin I just uploaded to vim.org. I started working on this plugin long time ago when I needed to enter a large amount of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2009
      I would like to announce this new plugin I just uploaded to vim.org. I
      started working on this plugin long time ago when I needed to enter a
      large amount of tabular data, but once my need was over, the plugin
      went dormant. I am now trying to finish various plugins that I had
      left unfinished, and I am just done with this one.


      Please try it out and let me know what you think. Here is the
      information on the plugin copy pasted from above for your convenience:

      This plugin provides the ability to enter tabular data quickly in two
      different ways:
      - Set explicit stops at the columns.
      - Enter a sample row and have the stops inferred from it.
      The plugin provides a visual editor such that you can set explicit stops
      with ease. The stops can be toggled using a mouse or keyboard. You can
      toggle the plugin functionality on and off at the buffer or global

      - Use :STTgl to toggle using tabstops. This maps/unmaps <Tab> and <BS>.
      When buffer-local tabs are enabled (the default), the maps are made
      local to the current buffer, otherwise, the maps are global.
      - Use :STEdit[!] to bring up an editor for setting explicit tab stops (or
      to just view them). You would see three lines, two with numbers to guide
      the column number and another to show the current tab stops. To toggle
      stop at a any column, move cursor to the column and push spacebar or
      directly click left mouse button. To save changes at the end, use :wq
      command (or just :w, to leave the window open). You can press "q" to
      quit when no changes have been made. When buffer-local tabs have been
      enabled (the default), use bang to edit the global tabstops.
      - Use STReset to reset the tabstops to one every 8 columns (or whatever
      'tabstop' is set to), or STClear to clear all of them.
      - By default the stops are lcoal to a buffer
      (g:softtabstops_local_to_buffer setting is set). This helps to localize
      the stops and maps to the current buffer of interest, but as a result
      are not shared across buffers. The tabstops will be stored as a list of
      columns in the buffer local variable called "b:softtabstops". To have
      same set of stops for all buffers reset this setting and have the stops
      stored in the global variable "g:softtabstops".
      - You can manipulate softtabstops in any of these ways:
      - directly, by using the Vim's |List| functions. You can even clone
      (using |copy()| function) the global "g:softtabstops" to the buffer
      local variable "b:softtabstops"
      - using plugin commands :STAddTab, :STRemoveTab, :STReset and :STClear
      - using visual editor started by :STEdit command
      - When softtabstops is toggled on and off, the plugin doesn't try to
      restore any prior maps for <Tab> and <BS>, this is because Vim doesn't
      provide any means to capture a map completely. If the experimental
      g:softtabstops_restore_original_map option is turned on the plugin
      attempts to capture the maps by parsing the :map command output and the
      maparg() result, but this method is very limited, and will not work for
      many scenarios. If you have have your own insert mode mappings for <Tab>
      and <BS> or use a plugin that defines them, make sure this plugin
      doesn't conflict with them.

      - g:softtabstops_local_to_buffer (default: 1). Set to 0 to make tabstops
      shared globally by all buffers. This also makes :STTgl create global
      - g:softtabstops_repeat_last_stop (default: 0). When set to 1, the plugin
      repeats the entire sequence of tabstops when it needs to extend them.
      - g:softtabstops_align_line_with_editor (default: 1): Set to 0 to avoid
      repositioning the current line when the tab editor is opened.
      - g:softtabstops_infer_tabstops (default: 1). Set to 0, if you don't want
      the plugin to infer the tabstops based on the previous lines, when no
      explicit tabstops are set (or existing ones are cleared using :STClear)
      - g:softtabstops_infer_imm_nonblank_only (default: 1). Set to 0, if you
      want the tabstops to be inferred from the previous line, only when there
      are no blank lines between them.
      - g:softtabstops_editor_guide_start_num (default: 0). Controls the column
      number sequence in the tab editor. Should be between 0 to 9.
      - g:softtabstops_editor_guide_end_num (default: 9). Controls the column
      number sequence in the tab editor. Should be between 0 to 9 and greater
      than g:softtabstops_editor_guide_start_num.
      - g:softtabstops_restore_original_map (default: 0). Set to 1 to enable the
      experimental feature to save and restore maps while toggling on and off.

      - Can only insert all spaces, not a mix of tabs and spaces.


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