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Re: split window many times and open many files in each at once

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    On 15/09/09 01:54, Hari Krishna Dara wrote: [...] ... According to the help they can: under :help args-f the arguments to :args are given as [++opt] [+cmd]
    Message 1 of 18 , Sep 29, 2009
      On 15/09/09 01:54, Hari Krishna Dara wrote:
      > Sorry, it should be -nargs, not -args. The completion allows you to
      > complete filenames, by pressing<Tab>, though won't help much with the
      > wildcards. BTW, I don't actually know if wildcards can be used in
      > :args.

      According to the help they can: under ":help args-f" the arguments to
      ":args" are given as [++opt] [+cmd] {arglist}, and the first words under
      ":help {arglist}" are "The wildcards in the argument list"...

      For those such as Tim Chase who don't want to clobber their argument
      list, Vim 6 and later offers the possibility of a "local arguments list":

      :command -nargs=* -complete=file -bar Msplit
      \ new | arglocal <args> | exe "argdo split" |
      \ close | syn enable

      See ":help :arglocal"

      - "close" to close the duplicate window for the last argument ("argdo
      split" repeatedly opens an argument in the current window, then splits,
      which leaves us with two windows on the last argument)
      - "syn enable" because the Syntax autocommand is disabled while running
      - The splitting will stop early if there is no room. I recommend setting
      'winminheight' to zero to allow opening a maximum number of windows. Of
      course, there is still a limit, which will depend on how many 'lines'
      you can afford.
      - The use of continuation lines assumes 'nocompatible' at the time the
      command is defined.

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