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Re: Applying highlighting matches to second column only?

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  • Tim Chase
    ... You might try using the pattern (^ w* s + w* ) @
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2009
      > I'm trying to highlight specific letters in words in a specific column.
      > I have a file looking like this
      > word_1 long_word_1
      > word_2 long_word_2
      > word_3 long_word_3
      > ...
      > where word_n are all different and of varying (or equal) length, and
      > long_word_n are all different but of the same length. word_n and
      > long_word_n are separated by white space.
      > I want to highlight every letter, e.g., 'A', in long_word_n, but not in
      > word_n.
      > Question: How do I limit my match to apply to only the second column?
      > My current code (below) is too greedy -- the match is on every
      > occurrence of A (or a) in each line.
      > Current code:
      > syn match myA "[Aa]\+"
      > highlight myA guifg=black guibg=yellow

      You might try using the pattern


      as in

      syn match myA "\(^\w*\s\+\w*\)\@<=[aA]"

      which seems to do what you describe.


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