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Re: pressing saves the editing file without the possibility to undo

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    On 26/05/09 19:03, Matt Wozniski wrote: [...] ... I wouldn t. I don t like having hidden, maybe unsaved, files, that aren t displayed in a window. Personally I
    Message 1 of 6 , May 31, 2009
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      On 26/05/09 19:03, Matt Wozniski wrote:
      > 'hidden' is definitely an option that I would recommend that everyone
      > set in his vimrc.
      > ~Matt

      I wouldn't. I don't like having hidden, maybe unsaved, files, that
      aren't displayed in a window. Personally I set 'autowriteall', and it
      makes my editing more pleasant, but I wouldn't recommend that to
      everyone either: what this option does is save the file rather than hide
      it or |abandon| it. The alternative, with none of 'hidden', 'autowrite'
      or 'autowriteall', is the default behaviour: if you try to "abandon" a
      window which contains a modified file, and your ex-command doesn't end
      in an exclamation mark, Vim will protest and refuse to close the window.
      You can then decide whether to save the file (e.g. by using :wq or :x
      rather than :q, or :w|e foobar rather than :e foobar), or not (:q! or
      :e! foobar), before closing the window or reusing it for a different file.

      What I would certainly _not_ recommend is forcing the help window to
      close all other windows, as the OP found that his after-plugin did: that
      would defeat the |+windows| feature of Vim: imagine a Vim version where
      you can open split-windows with no problem _but_ they all disappear if
      you use the help? The mere notion makes me shudder.

      Rather, I use the following to have the help window (if any) positiopned
      more or less "predictably" (i.e. always at the bottom, unless of course
      I later open a new split-window under it):

      " open help window at bottom unless :help typed in full
      if version < 700
      cnoreabbrev h bot h
      cnoreabbrev <expr> h
      \ ((getcmdtype() == ':' && getcmdpos() <= 2)? 'bot h' : 'h')
      map <F1> :bot help<CR>

      Best regards,
      It is illegal to drive more than two thousand sheep down Hollywood
      Boulevard at one time.

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