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Re: visual bell - flash only part of display (character, for example)

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    ... Sorry for the late reply; as you can see, I m behind in reading and answering mail. I don t know the answer. Anyway, I suppose |nnf (where nn is a
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 30, 2009
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      On 23/04/09 13:15, Volker Glave wrote:
      > On Apr 22, 3:18 am, Tony Mechelynck<antoine.mechely...@...>
      > wrote:
      >> On 21/04/09 09:26, Volker Glave wrote:
      >>> For some reason I have to have
      >>> set visualbell
      >>> in my _vimrc/.vimrc.
      >>> With gvim in Windows (through a terminal server) the display
      >>> flashing is quite slow (here for me).
      >>> According to the help there's a way to change flashing time ...
      >>> | Use visual bell instead of beeping. The terminal code to display the
      >>> | visual bell is given with 't_vb'. [...]
      >>> | In the GUI, 't_vb' defaults to "<Esc>|f", which inverts the display
      >>> | for 20 msec. If you want to use a different time, use "<Esc>|40f",
      >>> | where 40 is the time in msec.
      >>> ... but some lesser value does not have an effect here (Windows,
      >>> terminal server, whatever is not able to follow fast enough, I
      >>> suppose).
      >>> So maybe there are other terminal codes to flash only part of the
      >>> display (first line or upper left character, for example)?
      >> Well, it's possible if you can determine which code you want to send to
      >> your display to do it: you can then set t_vb to that value. [...]
      > Yes, that's the idea. Any hints about how to determine it?
      > Trying popular search engines (for some minutes) I was not able
      > to detect anything substantial, may be in part due to the fact that
      > "<Esc>|f" does not constitute a terrible useful search word, may
      > be in other part due to the fact that coincidentally the word "flash"
      > unfortunately is of widespread use in a totally different context
      > (if not in most part due to unknowingness of search engine use,
      > may be).
      > So, is there even some webpage around, where "<Esc>|f" is
      > mentioned (not as part of vim help) as terminal code?
      > Thanks,
      > Volker

      Sorry for the late reply; as you can see, I'm behind in reading and
      answering mail.

      I don't know the answer. Anyway, I suppose <Esc>|nnf (where nn is a
      number) is a code peculiar to gvim, meaning "flash the whole display for
      nn milliseconds (default 20)". What you want is something else, and I
      don't know if it's possible, namely, save cursor, move cursor, set
      flashing, move cursor forward, unset flashing, wait, move cursor back,
      unset flashing, restore cursor. How to do it may depend on the terminal,
      or (in Console mode only) you may be able to construct it from other
      termcap codes.

      Best regards,
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