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Re: How to restore buffer list when vim start with a file name?

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    ... Well, you can paste v:oldfiles, e.g. with =string(v:oldfiles) p where means hit Enter . Then, if you wish, you can put each filepathname on its
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 4, 2009
      On 04/02/09 05:00, pansz wrote:
      > Tony Mechelynck 写道:
      >>> How can I show v:oldfiles in the buffer list?
      >> Have you tried ":ls!" with exclamation mark? (Unlike ":ls" without
      >> exclamation mark, it lists also the so-called "unlisted" buffers.)
      > That's not quite different, :ls! or :ls list buffers, and I can use the
      > plugin BufExplorer to explore the buffer.
      > However, if I start vim with a file name, the buffer list is cleared.
      > I'm trying to find a way to preserve buffer list between vim sessions
      > regardless of how I start my vim.
      > v:oldfiles list something, but it is not the saved buffer list and
      > cannot be used as a buffer list in BufExplorer.
      > Thanks in advance.

      Well, you can paste v:oldfiles, e.g. with


      where <CR> means "hit Enter". Then, if you wish, you can put each
      filepathname on its own line, replacing commas by linebreaks, by


      and remove the leading [ and the trailing ] by


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