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99955Re: possible to make iskeyword supports multibyte charactor?

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  • anhnmncb
    Jan 2, 2009
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      On 2008-12-31, anhnmncb wrote:
      > On 2008-12-31, anhnmncb wrote:
      >> Hi, list,
      >> when I type Chinese text in vim, I find it's unconvenient for completing
      >> Chinese word with C-p/n, because a Chinese word is not seperated by space but
      >> some charactors like "and", "or" and others(I use English to reprent a Chinese
      >> charactor), so a Chinese sententce will like this:
      >> ThisIsAChineseWordInSentence.(This is a Chinese word in sentence.)
      >> When I have typed "ThisIsAChineseWordIn", now if I want to type Sen<C-p> then
      >> vim can't complete word "Sentence" for me. So I think if iskeyword supports
      >> adding Chinese charactor to itself, for example(My client doesn't support
      >> Chinese, so I use "and" to represent a Chinese charactor):
      >> set iskeyword+="and"
      > I meant set iskeyword-="and".
      >> then autocompletion will be without problem with Chinese. I don't know if it
      >> is easy to handle?
      > Also, it will let me can navigate quicker in a long Chinese sentence, now I
      > have to use /? or fFtT or some hjkls then input a Chinese charactor(sometimes
      > To input a Chinese charactor needs to type at least 3 english charactor).


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