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99670Re: Vim and Bash-scripts navigation

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  • Marc Weber
    Dec 23, 2008
      On Tue, Dec 23, 2008 at 02:49:44PM +0200, Nicolas Aggelidis wrote:
      > hi to all the list,
      > i have a bunch of files that are full of bash functions i.e.
      > function name-1()
      > {
      > #varius actions
      > }
      > function name-2()
      > {
      > #varius actions
      > }
      > ...
      > ...
      > ...
      > function name-n()
      > {
      > #varius actions
      > }
      > the problem is that i want to navigate quickly in those files [that
      > may have 500-1000 lines]. From what
      > i see in the exuberant ctags website
      > [http://ctags.sourceforge.net/languages.html%5d, bash isn't in the
      > supported languages.
      What do you mean by navigate?

      One way is tags, another is something like the TToC plugin (vim.org) or
      the alternative found in tovl.
      The idea is to get a filtered view of the file only containing important
      thinigs such as function definitions and filter that by some regex.
      Finally select an item thereby jumping to it's location.

      Another fast thing to navigate is remembering the last chars of a func
      name and jump to the funct jump() by /p() (this works incredibly well in
      most cases..)

      Some people do also use folding..

      About vim files: For autoload scripts I've written a small vim parser
      extracting function locations from all files found in
      runtimepath/autoload so that I can use function completion and and jump
      to function location by pressing gf on the function.

      If you do a lot of vimscript scripting we should get in touch.

      Ping me on irc if you think I can help you setting one of those
      solutions up.

      Marc Weber

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