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97606Re: ANN: YankRing 6.1

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  • Bill McCarthy
    Nov 2 8:17 AM
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      On Fri 31-Oct-08 6:49am -0600, David Fishburn wrote:

      > There was a problem with the 6.0 release for Windows users.
      > ...
      > All Windows users should download this version.

      Although I'm a native Windows (no Cygwin) user without the space
      problem, I upgraded.

      (1) When I unzipped I received the following:

      Archive: yankring_61.zip
      plugin\yankring.vim: mismatching "local" filename (plugin/yankring.vim),
      continuing with "central" filename version
      warning: yankring_61.zip appears to use backslashes as path separators
      replace plugin/yankring.vim? [y]es, [n]o, [A]ll, [N]one, [r]ename: A
      inflating: plugin/yankring.vim
      doc\yankring.txt: mismatching "local" filename (doc/yankring.txt),
      continuing with "central" filename version
      inflating: doc/yankring.txt

      (2) Not sure if this worked - I looked at the help file. It still
      says 6.0.

      (3) I have ":set report=0". When I visually mark all the lines from
      :YRShow and press "d" I see "1 line less" for each line deleted.

      (4) I also use <c-n> and <c-p> to move between errors. Instead of
      looking up key codes for using Alt, this worked:

      let g:yankring_replace_n_pkey = '<m-p>'
      let g:yankring_replace_n_nkey = '<m-n>'

      Best regards,

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