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97596Re: Mappings to shift-keys within terminal mode

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  • peter holm
    Nov 2, 2008
      lör 2008-11-01 klockan 23:30 -0700 skrev Gary Johnson:
      > On 2008-11-01, peter holm <peter.g.holm@...> wrote:
      > > I have a few mappings to the shift keys (to mimike the common )
      > >
      > > Well - i don't get it to work in terminal.
      > >
      > > Any idea?
      > In GUI mode, vim is able to see every combination of modifier-key(s)
      > and symbol-key that the user can press except for those combinations
      > intercepted by the OS and/or window manager. In terminal mode, vim
      > doesn't see key combinations directly but sees only sequences of
      > 7-bit and/or 8-bit characters emitted by the terminal program in
      > response to key combinations pressed by the user. Most terminal
      > programs emit unique character sequences for only a limited subset
      > of all the possible key combinations.
      > So it is not surprising that some mappings that work in GUI mode do
      > not work in terminal mode. That being said, if you post exactly the
      > mappings you're having problems with, someone here might be able to
      > offer a solution, or be able to tell you for sure that they won't
      > work.
      > Regards,
      > Gary

      I had an earlier posting here, named :
      Select Text without jump between Insert Mode / Visual Mode
      and a user which name is Martin K. Schreder, kindley enough posted a
      complete set of mapping to me.

      Here between the dotted lines is part of our his ansver.
      Well, you could do it like this:

      " switch to visual mode and extend selection upwards
      :imap <S-Up> <esc>v<Up>
      " make sure the same key combination works in visual mode
      :vmap <S-Up> <Up>

      " do the same for other arrow keys
      :imap <S-Down> <esc>v<Down>
      :vmap <S-Down> <Down>
      :imap <S-Left> <esc>v<Left>
      :vmap <S-Left> <Left>
      :imap <S-Right> <esc>v<Right>
      :vmap <S-Right> <Right>

      " C-Insert yanks in vis mode and goes back to insert
      " Remapping C-Insert does not work for me in terminal
      :vmap <C-Ins> y<esc>i

      And here is a link to the complete posting:


      It's that mapping i really ought to get to work in terminal mode - and
      hopefully also in xterm and konsole.

      /Peter Holm

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