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97569Re: please help noob with surround.vim plugin

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  • Anton Sharonov
    Nov 1, 2008
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      I have no idea, what surround.vim plugin does, I just assume that it
      does something with selection. But according description of your
      steps, SHIFT-V is probably a bad choice - since it starts linewise
      selection mode. To start characterwise selection mode, use just "v"
      (without shift) and than motion - for example, put the cursor on some
      character of "Hello" and than press:


      , this must visually select "Inner WORD" text object). Than you can
      try to use s" command on this characterwise selection and see, either
      it's works.


      2008/11/1, dedede <vuthecuong@...>:
      > I just download surround.vim plugin (http://www.vim.org/scripts/
      > script.php?script_id=1697)
      > and use it.
      > One behaviour that I don't like is that for example, I have a string
      > Hello,
      > I press shift+v to hightlight string Hello, then press s" in order to
      > surround string Hello with double quotes.
      > After that the string Hello actually surrounded like this:
      > "
      > Hello
      > "
      > How can I force surround.vim to work like this:
      > "Hello"
      > thanks and regards
      > >

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