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96943RE: Vim Tips wiki celebrates with a CSV tip

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  • John Beckett
    Oct 9, 2008
      nh_wzg wrote:
      > After the patch csv.vim work for the sample above correctly,
      > but still work wrong with my sample below:

      Thanks for the bug report and sample. As discussed yesterday, the problem was a
      stupid oversight in the compare function. While contemplating the fix, I have
      decided to do the sort an entirely different way, using the built-in :sort command
      (previously I had avoided that due to the jaw-dropping complexity already in the
      script, but the fix turned out to be quite simple).

      Please see the updated code:

      The code is now even more astonishingly clever: You can sort by column, using all
      the :sort options (range, reverse, case insensitive, unique, numeric).

      Please give it a try and report any problems!


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