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  • Teemu Likonen
    Oct 2, 2008
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      Richard Hartmann wrote (2008-10-02 00:34 +0300):
      > On Wed, Oct 1, 2008 at 20:23, Matthew Winn <vim@...> wrote:
      >> The only possible use for this feature would be if you needed to know
      >> exactly how many spaces were in a long gap, but there are easier ways
      >> to find that out than making them visible and counting them by eye.
      > A quick eyballing can be a lot more convenient than actually counting
      > stuff conciously.

      Yes, it can be difficult to say User can count spaces
      with just eyes that this semi-manually of course but
      paragraph is indented by six it's useful if the tool can
      spaces. Or that there are five help with formatting issues.
      spaces between the two columns.

      Don't hang me but I wrote this message with Emacs (Gnus) using the
      two-column and text justification features -- spaces shown with the
      whitespace-mode of course. :-)

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