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96661Re: How to toggle bottom scroolbar ?

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Oct 2, 2008
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      On 02/10/08 10:56, Timothy Madden wrote:
      > Hy
      > Can you please tell how to toggle a scrollbar from $MYVIMRC ?
      > Should I use gvimrc instead or does it also work on the terminal
      > version of vim ?
      > Thank you,
      > Timothy Madden

      The scrollbars (if any) in the console terminal are not managed by vim
      but by the terminal; they usually have no effect on the Console Vim display.

      In gvim, you can use

      set guioptions-=b

      in your gvimrc, or

      if has('gui')
      set guioptions-=b

      in your vimrc.

      :help 'guioptions'
      :help 'go-b'

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