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95643Re: BUG: foo.c~ of 0 len should be reserved for previous "foo.c" of 0 len....(was Telling VIM not to create 'null' files...)

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  • Ben Schmidt
    Sep 8, 2008
      > Well that's sorta the "rub"...I'm not modifying a ***pre-existing***
      > file -- I am creating a new file. I don't want an *empty* file
      > created if there was no file that existed before. If there *is* an
      > empty file "foo.c", THEN I would expect, "foo.c~", to be created as a
      > backup. But if there IS no file "foo.c", then when I save "foo.c",
      > it's a **BUG** to create a "foo.c~".

      Yeah, I agree.

      The thing is, my Vim doesn't do this.

      So either some obscure set of Vim option settings, a strange behaviour
      of your system libraries, or a bug in an autocommand or plugin is
      causing this.

      What system are you on? Can you show us your :set output (help :redir
      for how to capture it)? What about your :au output (perhaps do :filetype
      off before this one to remove a huge amount of filetype-related stuff
      which probably isn't relevant)? Does it happen for all files, or only
      files of a certain type (which would suggest a filetype-related
      autocommand *is* causing problems)?


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