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95437Re: List all files in a directory tree to the buffer

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Sep 3, 2008
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      On 03/09/08 17:29, bgold12 wrote:
      > Thanks, all of these methods work well, but I would still prefer if I
      > could just have gvim automatically run a batch file for every shell it
      > creates from the :! command; that way, I would be able to set up the
      > same environment each time I use the :! command as I have when I open
      > command prompt separately. That way I would only have to set the path
      > I want in my main batch file, and it would work for the command line
      > on its own as well as in the gvim shell.
      > bgold12

      You can set ant environment variables within Vim, let's say

      :let $KEYBOARD =
      \ "²&é\"'(§è!çà)-µ\n" .
      \ "azertyuiop^$\n" .
      \ "qsdfghjklmù\n .
      \ "wxcvbn,;:=\n" .
      \ ""

      then any child process and any of _its_ children will inherit them.

      Note that if you set the $PATH, it is a semicolon-separated list of
      backslash-separated paths on Windows, but a colon-separated list of
      (forward)-slash-separated paths on Unix. If you use a common vimrc on a
      double-boot machine, you'll have to take care of that.

      Or you can set your $PATH and other "fixed" environment variables once
      and for all, either on "My Computer => System => Advanced => Environment
      variables" (or similar) on Windows, or in /etc/profile or .bash.login
      (or similar) on Linux.

      Best regards,
      "Acting is an art which consists of keeping the audience from

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