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95379Re: List all files in a directory tree to the buffer

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Sep 2, 2008
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      On 02/09/08 09:34, Anton Sharonov wrote:
      >> or rather
      >> if !has('unix')
      >> let $PATH .= ';C:\cygwin\bin'
      >> endif
      >> If you run a Cygwin version of Vim it should already find /bin in the
      >> $PATH (it wouldn't understand C:\cygwin\bin). Single quotes avoid the
      >> need to escape backslashes;
      > Just minor improvement suggestion:
      > You can of course test has('unix') to detect cygwin vim, if you don't
      > need to distinguish between unix and cygwin. But
      > better approach IMHO is:
      > if ! has ("win32unix") " it is cygwin env.
      > ...
      > endif
      > (Can be useful if one
      > have some stuff, which must be defined only for cygwin environment but
      > not for "real" UNIXes)

      If you use double-boot, with Windows (g)vim and Cygwin vim on the W32
      system, plus, let's say, GTK2 gvim on the Linux system, you should still
      use has('unix') in this case because you don't want to add Windows paths
      when using _either_ Cygwin Vim or Linux Vim.

      In my experience, has('win32unix') is only very rarely needed (I'm not
      saying 'never'), because Cygwin Vim (when called from Cygwin bash)
      behaves almost identically to other Unix-like versions of Vim.

      Best regards,
      Time flies like an arrow
      Fruit flies like a banana

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