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95364RE: Telling VIM not to create 'null' files...

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  • John Beckett
    Sep 1, 2008
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      Linda W wrote:
      > isn't "set backup" a global option and not buffer specific?

      Another (good) way of handling this is to put something like the following in your

      set backupdir=/temp,c:/temp,.

      That example is for Windows and assumes that you have a writable /temp directory,
      and you don't mind anyone with access to that directory seeing your files. The
      forward slash works on Windows. The above tells Vim to put backup files in the \temp
      directory on the current drive, or failing that, in C:\temp, or failing that, the
      current directory.

      The fact that you put all backups go in one directory means that editing two files
      with the same name (in different directories) is going to mean that one backup
      overwrites the other.


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