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95335Re: MS Windows filename~

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  • Fran├žois Ingelrest
    Sep 1, 2008
      On Mon, Sep 1, 2008 at 09:17, Jack T Mudge III
      <jakykong@...> wrote:
      > IMO, i'd just correct the flaws in my .vimrc file (or whatever the
      > equivalent is in windows), and leave the rest intact. I'm sure that file
      > has some purposes other than messing things up. Alternatively, just edit
      > the file to your liking :)

      It makes Vim more Windows-like, and changes some of the already used
      mappings (e.g., C-V) to ease the use of Vim by Windows users. I also
      think people would be better staying away from it. Once bad habits are
      established, it's difficult to get rid of them.

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