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  • Jack T Mudge III
    Sep 1, 2008
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      On Sunday 31 August 2008 11:36:22 pm Ben Schmidt wrote:
      > Jack T Mudge III wrote:
      > > On Sunday 31 August 2008 06:29:23 am Bev in TX wrote:
      > >> Under MS Windows, when I edit a file "myfile", then when I exit gvim I
      > >> aways see "myfile~" in addition to my regular file.
      > >>
      > >> Is there a way in which I can prevent that from occurring?
      > >> Thanks,
      > >> Bev in TX
      > >>
      > > :set nobackup
      > >
      > > (see also :help backup)
      > >
      > > hope it helps :)
      > And I'll just put in a plug for *not* sourcing mswin.vim which is
      > probably what is setting 'backup' in the first place, and in the opinion
      > of myself and a number of others, messing up other things as well.
      > Smiles,
      > Ben.
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      Heh. Never used the windows version. Actually, I haven't used windows much
      at all for the last ... 6 years or so... last version I used regularly was
      2k. I had XP on a system for a couple weeks, but that was right around the
      time I finally got fed up with windows and switched to linux. Haven't used
      it since except for a copy of XP I keep in a VM for the unfortunate few
      websites that check the browser they're running and refuse anything except

      IMO, i'd just correct the flaws in my .vimrc file (or whatever the
      equivalent is in windows), and leave the rest intact. I'm sure that file
      has some purposes other than messing things up. Alternatively, just edit
      the file to your liking :)

      Jack Mudge
      GPG Pubkey ID: 0x78BEC84C
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