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95332Re: How to search only for 1st instance of the pattern in a line?

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  • Venkata Suryam Setty ISSA
    Aug 31 11:57 PM
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      Teemu Likonen wrote:
      Venkata Suryam Setty ISSA wrote (2008-09-01 10:09 +0530):
      Anton Sharonov wrote:
      Is there no other simple way (i.e. with less number of additional 
      characters) to do this?
      I don't think so, but of course you can make a new command. For example:
          command! -nargs=+ SF let @/ = '^.\{-}\zs'.<q-args> | call search('','s')
      Then :SF command will be your "search the first instance" command. The 
      command takes search pattern as its parameter:
          :SF abc
      After the first search you can use "n" and "N" in normal mode to search 
      for next and previous match.

      Thanks a lot Teemu. This is what I wanted for.


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