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93801Re: Opening every buffer in its own tab

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  • Albie Janse van Rensburg
    Aug 1 4:09 AM
      Thomas Geulig wrote:
      > You don't see an inactive tab either (apart from (maybe) its title).
      > I use a mapping like this:
      > map __ :buffers<BAR>
      > \let i = input("Buffer number: ")<BAR>
      > \execute "buffer " . i<CR>
      > With two keystrokes (could even be reduced to one) I see all buffers
      > with names and numbers and can choose one (by name or number).
      > And my fingers don't leave the keyboard. Try to be faster using tabs.

      Interesting map. I use tabs, but sometimes get into the situation you
      described: having each tab display only a single letter.

      I modified your mapping to play along with tab usage:

      " See all buffers and switch to one
      nnoremap __ :buffers<BAR>let i = input("Buffer number:
      ")<BAR>execute "execute \"tab drop \".bufname(".i.")"<CR>

      I hope there's a cleaner way to do the ":drop" bit, but I just hacked it
      until it would work.


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      A likely impossibility is always preferable to an unconvincing possibility.
      -- Aristotle

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