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93796Re: Opening every buffer in its own tab

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  • Matt Wozniski
    Aug 1 2:11 AM
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      On Fri, Aug 1, 2008 at 4:05 AM, Scara Maccai wrote:
      > I'm trying to use Vim as any other editor I know (ultraedit, visual
      > studio, eclipse) when it comes to tabs, but with no success so far.
      > What I would like is for EVERY command that opens a buffer to
      > 1) open a new tab if the buffer is not already open
      > 2) switch to the buffer tab if there is already one
      > This is the default behaviour in all the text editors... and the most
      > intuitive: why would I want my tab to show another buffer when
      > browsing a new file (say for example I'm using ctags/cscope/a tree
      > file viewer...)???
      > I can't make it work... and apparently I'm not the only one:
      > http://vim.sourceforge.net/tips/tip.php?tip_id=1317

      I'd recommend not trying to use vim that way. It would severely
      cripple working with multiple buffers from the possibilities vim

      > "Everyone just wants to open a tab for each buffer automatically and
      > have it just work. It seems fairly obvious that tabs should work this
      > way. It surprises me that the developers missed this."

      That's absolutely not what "everyone" wants, and most experienced
      vimmers, in particular those who work with more than 30 or so buffers
      simultaneously, would absolutely hate that. Tabs in vim aren't meant
      to be like tabs in other editors. In most editors, in vim terms,
      every tab has one window, and that one window is "stuck" to one
      buffer. In vim, every tab can have any number of windows, and any
      window can have any buffer displayed in it. Most editors don't even
      have a way to have a buffer loaded that isn't being displayed in a
      tab, I find that ability essential to my vim workflow.

      I really recommend learning to use splits windows for most of your
      side-by-side editing, switching the buffer displayed in a window when
      switching to a different task, and only using tabs where you have a
      layout of windows/buffers that you want to come back to later, so you
      can start a new group of windows in a new tab. Trying to force vim to
      have one buffer per window, and one window per tab, severely cripples
      the options available - and frankly just isn't the work flow that vim
      was designed for.


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