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93791Re: time spent editing a file

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Jul 31, 2008
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      On 31/07/08 00:48, Bill McCarthy wrote:
      > The timer only shows the elapsed time since a buffer is
      > created or filled by a new file. I don't think Vim has a
      > autocmd event for leaving a buffer - just for switching
      > buffers. More specifically, it appears to be missing an
      > event for switching focus from Vim/Gvim.
      > After I replaced Ben's use of a non-portable function with a
      > portable one, I looked at keeping track of time that a
      > buffer was actually in use. I couldn't find a way to deal
      > with the most common event of switching to another app.

      Have you tried the FocusGained / FocusLost events? ("Only in the GUI and
      a few console versions.")

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