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91211Re: "ce" deletes two words if the current one is 1-letter long?

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  • John Little
    Jun 3, 2008
      On Jun 4, 6:22 am, "François Ingelrest" <athro...@...> wrote:
      > I actually never tried "cw" since I would have thought it would have
      > eaten the space as well.

      "cw" is a special case, inherited from vi. It breaks the usual
      operator - motion separation. Note that :help cw explains the special
      case, but is inaccurate in your extra-special case, in that it says cw
      works the same as ce; for one character words, cw does what you want,
      not ce.

      It's worth learning the "s" though, especially in code. I used vi for
      years before discovering "s", then found myself using it to save a
      keystroke very often, often with a count.

      HTH, John

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