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91125Re: Change Caret Colour In Insert Mode

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  • sc
    Jun 1, 2008
      On Sunday 01 June 2008 15:32, Eric Mutta wrote:
      > Good Evening,
      > I use the darkblue colour scheme because it's easy on the eyes. In
      > normal mode the cursor shows up as the standard Windows White Arrow
      > cursor and is easy to see. But in insert mode the caret is the shape
      > of a thin I-beam and is coloured black which makes it camouflage into
      > my blue background.
      > What giveth?? How can I change the colour used?
      > Thanks,
      > Eric.

      i dunno why the difference, but for me when i change color
      to darkblue the insertmode cursor is yellow, which is
      extremely visible against the dark blue background

      there are several answers to your question, some of which i
      will list, in order of simplicity

      - try a different colorscheme -- there are hundreds
      available -- see note

      - make a copy of darkblue in your ~/.vim/colors directory,
      rename it, change the color of the insertmode cursor to
      something you can see, and use that colorscheme

      - send an email to the maintainer of darkblue and ask them
      to change it for you -- this may take some time, and begs
      the question of why i see a nice visible yellow cursor and
      you see a dark one

      here's the note i asked you to see: a fun way to
      experiment with colorschemes is a script i cobbled together
      -- go to


      do a 'link saveas' on the 'colorsteper' link, save it in
      your ~/.vim path, source it, and map :call Step_color() to
      something easy to type -- i do that in my .vimrc with

      source /home/scott/.vim/colorstepper.vim
      nnoremap <Leader>n :call Step_color()<CR>

      enough to get you started? like me to explain any of these


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