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90053Re: vim + xterm + gnu/screen question

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  • Manu Hack
    May 2, 2008
      On Thu, May 1, 2008 at 12:57 AM, jorges <jorgesmbox-ml@...> wrote:

      I just realized I hit "reply to author" instead of reply. Posting

      On May 1, 3:14 am, "Matt Wozniski" <m...@...> wrote:
      > On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 12:35 PM, jorges wrote:
      > >  Hi,
      > >  Sorry if the question seems obvious, but I noticed that my vim
      > >  sessions are terminated if for any reason X crashes, which defeats the
      > >  purpose of running them inside screen sessions. Is this normal,
      > >  expected behavior? Is there a way to have persistent vim sessions even
      > >  if X crashes?
      > >  Thanks
      > Try updating to the latest vim.  There were some patches to this
      > behavior somewhere around 7.1.150 or 7.1.200 that allowed vim to
      > gracefully handle the X server dying.

      This is vim 7.1.266 so the patch should be included. I'll investigate
      on this.

      @Andy Kittner: Thanks for the tip. I'll keep it s a last resource, as
      I sometimes make use of vim - X clipboard features.

      @Manu Hack: I can indeed resume screen, no problem there, but all vim
      sessions inside are dead, that's my problem.

      For me, after re-attaching to a screen session, the vim would still be there but somehow many plugins would fail to work. 

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