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90014Re: vim + xterm + gnu/screen question

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  • jorges
    May 1, 2008
      On May 1, 9:29 am, Tony Mechelynck <antoine.mechely...@...>
      > On 01/05/08 10:32, A.Politz wrote:
      > [...]> I think you are talking about 2 different things.
      > > 1. Let vim survive a X shutdown.
      > > 2. Let vim die gracefully, when X shuts down.
      > [...]
      > Gvim will of course never survive an X server shutdown, but have you
      > tried compiling with Gnome2? (i.e., --enable-gui=gtk2
      > --enable-gnome-check). I have, and when closing down X from either the
      > Gnome or the KDE winmanager (I use KDE) gvim saves its session
      > transparently, and reloads it automagically at next X startup (see :help
      > gnome-session).
      > I know Bram has misgivings about the Gnome GUI but I've never
      > experienced any Gnome2-specific problems in gvim.
      > Best regards,
      > Tony.
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      I actually use console vim inside an xterm terminal. That's why I
      thought my sessions should survive. The weird thing is that following
      advice from this thread I tried starting vim with -X option in an
      xterm inside screen and, for comparison, another vim session started
      normally. I logged out of my DE and re-attached the screen session in
      the linux console. Surprise, both sessions were alive. Now I don't
      understand anything, this happened not once, but many times in the
      past. So, who knows what was the real cause of my sessions dying...

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