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89243Vim on Vista: right-click 'Edit with Vim' problem

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  • Simon
    Apr 12, 2008
      Hi all,

      I'm using Gvim on Windows Vista. I originally had Vim installed in 'C:
      \Program Files\Vim' but after getting annoyed with Vista not allowing
      me to change the _vimrc file without moving it to the 'virtual store',
      I decided to uninstall and reinstall in 'C:\Vim'.

      But since doing that, when I try to open a file by right-clicking and
      selecting 'Edit with Vim', I get:
      "gvimext.dll error Error creating process: Check if gvim is in your

      I do have "C:\Vim\vim71\" in my path.

      Anyone have any suggestions?

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