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88899Re: Way to persist custom window-specific info with :mksession?

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  • A.Politz
    Apr 2, 2008
      dagfinn wrote:

      >I can see that I'm having a hard time explaining what I'm really
      >after. The problem is re-connecting the information I've saved to the
      >right windows. The function posted by A.Politz uses winnr() to achieve
      >this (if I've understood it correctly). I've found that approach
      >insufficiently reliable. I would like each window to be marked with an
      >ID that will stay constant even when windows are opened and closed.
      >And I would like that to be saved when :mksession is run. As I
      >mentioned, it can be done with an option, but not without interfering
      >with something else in Vim.

      Windows have no identity, unless they are visible.

      If you close the window, it's gone, all local variables are deleted.
      You can open a new window, with the same dimensions, position and
      buffer, but it's not the same window. Anything else would be news to
      What you experience with window-local options, are the effects of how
      vim handles this situations. If you spit a window, it inherits the
      setting of the other window.

      Are you talking about buffers instead ?



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