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88876Re: Way to persist custom window-specific info with :mksession?

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  • Yegappan Lakshmanan
    Apr 2, 2008

      On Wed, Apr 2, 2008 at 12:19 AM, Tony Mechelynck
      <antoine.mechelynck@...> wrote:
      > Charles Campbell wrote:
      > > Dagfinn Reiersøl wrote:
      > >> Charles E Campbell Jr wrote:
      > >>
      > >>> Look into viminfo's "!" option -- with it, variables that start with an
      > >>> upper case character and don't contain a lower case character are
      > >>> retained (:help 'viminfo'). You could save quite a bit that way, I'd
      > >>> assume. For example, DAG_RUBY_GONEIT could be used... :)
      > >>>
      > >>>
      > >> Thanks, that could be helpful for doing part of what I need to do, but
      > >> as I read the documentation, it doesn't solve the essence of my issue.
      > >> Global variables are not specific to a window; I would need to save
      > >> window-local variables to do what I'm trying to do in a reasonably clean
      > >> way.
      > >>
      > > Make a List; each element of the List holds a List of window-based
      > > variables. Save the whole thing into a DAG_RUBY (global) variable.
      > > The viminfo '!' option will then save it into .viminfo for you.
      > > Restoration to window variables seems straightforward to me (windo).
      > >
      > > Regards,
      > > Chip Campbell
      > Or even, make a Dictionary, where the key is the window name or number.
      > If you have several such variables per window, the Value could even be a
      > further Dictionary with the variable-name as the key and its value as
      > the value for each entry. The outer dictionary would of course be a
      > global variable with a name in ALL_CAPITALS_AND_SYMBOLS. How to keep it
      > in sync when you add, remove, or split windows might require some
      > careful thought, but I believe it ought to be possible.
      > See ":help Dictionary"

      There is an item in the todo list for supporting storing persistent
      variables in the
      viminfo and session files:

      7 Persistent variables: "p:var"; stored in viminfo file and sessions files.

      This feature will help the plugins to remember state across Vim sessions.
      Maybe this can be implemented as part of one of the GSoC projects?

      - Yegappan

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