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88872Re: Way to persist custom window-specific info with :mksession?

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Apr 2 12:19 AM
      Charles Campbell wrote:
      > Dagfinn Reiersøl wrote:
      >> Charles E Campbell Jr wrote:
      >>> Look into viminfo's "!" option -- with it, variables that start with an
      >>> upper case character and don't contain a lower case character are
      >>> retained (:help 'viminfo'). You could save quite a bit that way, I'd
      >>> assume. For example, DAG_RUBY_GONEIT could be used... :)
      >> Thanks, that could be helpful for doing part of what I need to do, but
      >> as I read the documentation, it doesn't solve the essence of my issue.
      >> Global variables are not specific to a window; I would need to save
      >> window-local variables to do what I'm trying to do in a reasonably clean
      >> way.
      > Make a List; each element of the List holds a List of window-based
      > variables. Save the whole thing into a DAG_RUBY (global) variable.
      > The viminfo '!' option will then save it into .viminfo for you.
      > Restoration to window variables seems straightforward to me (windo).
      > Regards,
      > Chip Campbell

      Or even, make a Dictionary, where the key is the window name or number.
      If you have several such variables per window, the Value could even be a
      further Dictionary with the variable-name as the key and its value as
      the value for each entry. The outer dictionary would of course be a
      global variable with a name in ALL_CAPITALS_AND_SYMBOLS. How to keep it
      in sync when you add, remove, or split windows might require some
      careful thought, but I believe it ought to be possible.

      See ":help Dictionary"

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