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87914Re: Unable to get syntax highlighting to work for root account

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Feb 29, 2008
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      YGirouard wrote:
      > Problem description: Whenever I switch to the root account using "su - root",
      > the syntax highlighting in vi stops working. It works fine when I'm using my
      > own account since I added "syntax on" in the file ~/.vimrc, but I tried
      > adding the same file to the /root directory and it's not doing anything for
      > root. I also tried typing the "syntax on" in vi after launching it as root,
      > and nothing happens.

      Is it for every filetype (including c, html, etc.) or only for some of them
      (such as help, which is set by a modeline)?

      Modelines are intentionally disabled for the root account starting at
      patchlevel 7.0.237 (see http://ftp.vim.org/pub/vim/patches/README and search
      for 7.0.237). This is how I enable them even for root:

      if exists("+modelines")
      " the following is required because of SuSE's paranoid /etc/vimrc
      " and to force 'modeline' on even for root in Vim 7.0.237 and later
      set modeline modelines=5
      " the following disables a dangerous modeline in one helpfile
      if has ('autocmd')
      au BufReadPost ada.txt setl nomodeline ft=help

      Beware that obnoxious modelines have been spotted time and again. The most
      dangerous options are disabled in them, but maybe some dangerous ones have
      been mistakenly allowed: if you enable them for the superuser, you're on your
      own. You may get no problems at all, but if bugs bite you, don't say you
      weren't warned.

      Also: Since you mention root and su, I assume you're on a Unix-like OS, but
      which one? (if Linux, which distro?) And what Vim/gvim version are you using?
      Please paste the first few files of the output of ":version". Only up to
      "Features included (+) or not (-)" ought to be enough.

      Best regards,
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