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87023RE: swap word

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  • Gene Kwiecinski
    Feb 1, 2008
      >>'Though if this is C, you might wanna cast the NULL to whatever p
      >>happens to be, so something like

      >> (const char *)NULL == p
      >> (struct foo *)NULL == p
      >> (FILE *)NULL == p
      >> (void *)NULL == p

      >>etc., if it's a pointer to character data, a struct, a file, or a
      >>generic nothing. Fwiw...

      >>And I happen to turn on *all* warnings, so even leaving it as-is will
      >>trigger the "possible assignment in conditional" or whatever the
      >>would be, in the compiler stage.

      >I hope not! It's not an assignment, it's a comparison. It has == not =.

      Well, yeah, but the *reason* you do it "backwards", ie, compare the
      constant with the variable instead of the variable to the constant, is
      in case you accidentally forget one '=', a newbie mistakee, but hey,
      typos happen... So mistyping it as

      if( p = NULL )...

      will quietly assign NULL to p, finish the compilation and hand you the
      compiled executable just fine, but that if() will always be false, and
      the condition will never be taken, as well as irreparably munging p,
      obviously a bug. But having

      if( NULL = p )...

      will try to assign the value of p to a constant, a clear error, and
      *not* let you go beyond that. So you see the error, wonder "Wtf
      happened?? Oh, forgot the 2nd '='... silly me.", fix it, recompile, and
      everyone's happy. :D

      I was never crazy about assigning things "backwards", so I still do it

      if( p == (whatever)NULL )...

      way, only I turn on practically every allowable warning in existence. I
      got nicknamed "the human 'lint'" for casting practically *everything* to
      make sure there was absolutely no misinterpretation of what I was

      Hey, worx for me...

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