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87019vim7 xml/docbook spellcheck : comments only ?

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  • haron
    Feb 1, 2008
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      Hi All,

      Using ":setlocal spell spellang=en_US" (as advised from :help spell-
      quickstart) I get with following example docbook:
      <!-- <para> (A)sistem is wrong, system is right <para> -->
      <para> (B)sistem is wrong, system is right <para>
      (A) highlighted as spelling error, but not (B).

      Settings are:
      :set filetype syntax

      I have tried with ":set filetype=text", (after that syntax is set to
      "syntax=text" automatically), but in this case I obviously loose
      syntax highlighting and closing tag matching for DocBook / XML.

      Anybody knows how to keep docbk + xml syntax features enabled, still
      having (A) and (B) recognized as spell errors ?
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