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86161Re: Simple hiding all comments by folding

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  • A.Politz
    Jan 1, 2008
      arctgx wrote:

      >Is there a simple universal command which hides all comments in file
      >by current syntax? I would like, for example hide comments in my shell
      >scripts (syntax=sh) or xorg.conf (syntax=xf86conf). There is a lot
      >text about folding but I still can't find a good solution.
      >I tried
      >set foldmarker=#,$ | set foldmethod=marker
      >but it is not universal solution and... hides all lines of shell
      >script ;) ($ doesn't denote end of line?)
      The following will fold commented lines,including pre- and succeeding
      empty ones. All it needs is a correct syntax plugin.
      This can be slow, as noted at ':h synID'. It would maybe be faster to
      use 'comment*' options, but then it wouldn't be simple anymore ;-).

      "(no linebreaks intended)
      set fdm=expr

      func! IsComment( lnum )
      return synIDattr(synID(a:lnum, match(getline(a:lnum),'\S')+1, 1),
      "name") =~? 'comment'


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