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84638Re: CursorColumn highlighting isn't disabled on VISUAL mode

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Nov 4, 2007
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      Tom Machinski wrote:

      > I'm using GVim 7 on Ubuntu, with enabled column highlighting (i.e.
      > `:set cursorcolumn`)
      > Problem is, now I don't see the VISUAL highlight on the cursorcolumn.
      > I.e. I've used Gray90 on the cursor-column, and lightblue on the
      > VISUAL selection, but now when the cursor-column is marked, it's
      > painted with Gray90 (i.e. unchanged), not lightblue.
      > Is there a way to highlight the cursor column, but have this highlight
      > overriden by VISUAL selection when it happens?
      > Looks like the problem stems from the fact that while I'm in VISUAL
      > mode, the cursor-line highlight is turned off, but the cursor-column
      > highlight remains active.
      > A possible solution would be to use some sort of a hook to turn off
      > the cursorcolumn setting upon entering VISUAL mode, and turn it back
      > on upon leaving VISUAL mode.
      > What do you think?

      What is the actual problem with showing the cursor column? I would say
      it's still very well possible to see the Visual area. That's different
      from the cursor line highlighting, then it's difficult to see where the
      Visual Area starts and ends (esp. if Visual and CursorColumn
      highlighting is the same, which is often the case).

      Turning off cursor column highlighting in Visual mode is not so nice,
      it's useful to position the cursor in the right column.

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