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84608Re: Latex-suite command completion

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  • A.Politz
    Nov 2, 2007
      Szabolcs wrote:

      >Sorry for the spamming ... just one more question:
      >What does that
      >|| (tst.aux)
      >line mean in the quickfix window?
      >This is the first line in the qf window when things *are* working
      >correctly, both on win and linux. (Without \usepackage{inputenc}
      >everything is OK on windows). When it is not working correctly, I see
      >the following line instead (after pressing <Up>):
      >|| (c:\texmf\tex\latex\base\inputenc.sty
      >Does this mean that "(tst.aux)" is what tells Vim which file contains
      >the errors, and that it is misparsing the output of MiKTeX?
      I have little experience with writing 'errorformats',
      but I am fairly shure, that it is the problem.
      'errorformat' contains a list of pattern, which
      are matched against the compiler output.
      This doesn't seem to work in every case.
      If you look at the differences in your files, you
      notice that the braces differ. Braces are used in the
      errorformat to help recognizing filenames.

      The lines you are referring to are simply matches
      against one of the errorformats as text.In other
      words 'it' is configured (via errorformat)
      to display this filename, no other meaning implied.

      Maybe the plugin, the way it configured errorformat,
      believes that the error is in file 'inputenc.sty',
      but vim can't open it for some reason.

      tst.log contains the errros, which latex-suite uses.


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