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84560Re: not posible to change the colour-scheme in VIM for mac

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Nov 1, 2007
      MacVlad wrote:
      > I use also a scheme (vladdark.vim, see below:) I addapt from darkblue.
      > This works very well ... but seems to work only on a PC :-(((
      > If I try to use this color scheme on my mac (with :color vladdark) I
      > get a lot of errors:
      > ---
      > Error detected while processing /Applications/vim70/Vim.app/Contents/
      > Resources/vim/runtime/colors/vladdark.vim:
      > line 20:
      > E492: Not an editor command: ^M
      > line 24:
      > E492: Not an editor command: ^M
      > line 25:
      > E474: Invalid argument: bg=dark^M
      > line 26:
      > E411: highlight group not found: clear^M
      > line 27:
      > E15: Invalid expression: exists("syntax on")^M
      > line 86:
      > E171: Missing :endif
      > ---
      > Do you have any ideas?
      > Thanks in advance!
      > Regards,
      > Vlad

      These errors mean that your script has dos-like ends-of-lines in some lines,
      and that it's being run on a program version which doesn't recognise them.

      Try the following:

      1. Move the script to $HOME/.vim/colors (creating that directory if it doesn't
      exist), because in $VIMRUNTIME/colors it will be lost once you upgrate to Vim
      7.1 (which I recommend doing).

      2. Open it for editing with

      :e ++ff=dos ~/.vim/colors/vladdark.vim

      There should be no ^M at the end of the lines.

      3. Correct the error at line 27, which uses an invalid construct:

      :27s/exists("syntax on")/has("syntax")

      4. Save it with

      :setlocal ff=unix

      From then on, this new version should work with any version of Vim. If it
      still gives errors, they should be genuine: e.g. if the error at line 87 still
      appears, check that your ifs and endifs are correctly balanced.

      Best regards,
      hundred-and-one symptoms of being an internet addict:
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      can't...because you were kicked out and banned.

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