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84549Re: Latex-suite command completion

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  • Szabolcs
    Nov 1 4:02 PM
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      Sorry for the spamming ... just one more question:

      What does that
      || (tst.aux)
      line mean in the quickfix window?

      This is the first line in the qf window when things *are* working
      correctly, both on win and linux. (Without \usepackage{inputenc}
      everything is OK on windows). When it is not working correctly, I see
      the following line instead (after pressing <Up>):

      || (c:\texmf\tex\latex\base\inputenc.sty

      Does this mean that "(tst.aux)" is what tells Vim which file contains
      the errors, and that it is misparsing the output of MiKTeX?

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