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83406RE: Anything new on Vim with Outlook

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  • John Beckett
    Oct 1 8:11 PM
      David Fishburn wrote:
      > I completely rewrote the Outlook AddIn.

      Interesting project! Have you thought about handling Vim's modelines?

      I have followed the potential for security breaches caused by a malicious
      modeline with some interest. Someone using the current Vim version should be
      secure (although an email might attempt a joke by setting options to give a
      strange appearance to the message).

      However, some old Vim versions (like Vim 7.0), or some unknown
      vulnerability, might cause havoc if Vim were used to view a malicious email.

      I'm told that Vim disables modelines when viewing email in some existing
      systems. That might be something for you to consider.


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