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83405RE: Anything new on Vim with Outlook

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  • Suresh Govindachar
    Oct 1, 2007
      On Oct 1, 07 David Fishburn wrote:
      > On 9/13/07, David Fishburn <dfishburn.vim@...> wrote:
      >> On 9/13/07, Curtis Ballard <google@...> wrote:
      >> I am also completely writing this plugin from scratch using VS 2005.
      >> Most of it is working, but I am incorporating other things as I learn
      >> how to actually write an Outlook Add-In.
      >> I hope to add this to the cubiclevim project (I was added as a
      >> developer of it) when I get things working better than they are now.
      >> When I get something that is worthy of a beta, I will post a message
      >> on the list.
      > The time has arrived!
      > I completely rewrote the Outlook AddIn.
      > I have added a Vim Toolbar with New, Reply, Reply To All and
      > Forward.
      > If you open an email, the Inspector window has a Edit button to
      > send the email to Vim.

      What is the "Inspector window"?

      Is the following description form the website
      http://cubiclevim.sourceforge.net accurate?:

      | CubicleVim works by copying the message text to a temporary
      | text file, invoking an instance of Vim to edit the temporary
      | file, and then pushing the contents of the edited file back
      | to Outlook.

      If not, what is the mechanism?

      If so: Suppose a user starts from Outlook and gets into vim. What
      is outlook doing while the user is editing in Vim? Is it in an
      infinite loop waiting for a "quit" message from Vim to then go and
      read the temporary file?

      create temporary file
      launch vim on temporary file
      Is there a quit message from vim?
      If so, exit while loop
      read temporary file

      If outlook is not in such a while loop, how exactly does it know
      when it is OK to read the temporary file?

      If it is in such a while loop, have you noticed what happens to
      the CPU usage and to Outlook interaction while vim is open with
      the temporary file?

      > I have created a new .vim script which will handle updating
      > Outlook once you have saved or cancelled the message.
      > This also ties into Vim's filetypes, so you can customize what
      > Vim does when a new message is being edited.
      > Please let me know if you would like a copy, it even has an
      > installer!

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