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83382RE: Installing Vim on Vista (Was: )

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  • Lin, Joyce
    Oct 1, 2007
      Thanks to you all.

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      Yongwei Wu wrote:
      > On 01/10/2007, Lin, Joyce <Joyce.Lin@...> wrote:
      >> Hi all,
      >> Doesn't anyone know if Vim is compliance with Windows Vista OS or
      not. Is
      >> anyone have problem with Vim on Vista?
      > I read somewhere it is better not to install Vim to C:\Program Files.
      > My impression from my google search was that if you install Vim to
      > something like C:\Vim, everything should be OK.
      > I am not running Windows Vista. You can easily have a try. It won't
      > hurt your system.
      > Best regards,
      > Yongwei

      Vim sometimes has problems on paths containing spaces, but they can be
      around. When I was on Windows (XP), I had [g]vim installed in (at the
      "C:\Program Files\Vim\vim64" and "C:\Program Files\Vim\vim70aa"; my VIM
      environment variable was set (globally) to C:\PROGRA~1\VIM, VIMRUNTIME
      unset (outside of Vim), and I never had any problem. It ought to be just
      easy on Vista.

      Best regards,
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