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  • Nikolaos Patsopoulos
    Sep 3, 2007

      > er, sorry, I wasn't following. What were we talking about?
      > >

      > > 2.
      I believe I oversimplified this.
      Here is a section of the text:

      <SPONSORS>Kendle International</SPONSORS><DIV>Abbott</DIV>
      <DIV>Barr Laboratories</DIV>
      <DIV>Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals</DIV>
      <DIV>Bristol-Myers Squibb</DIV>
      <DIV>Gilead Sciences</DIV>
      <DIV>Hoffmann-La Roche</DIV>
      <DIV>Idenix Pharmaceuticals</DIV>
      <DIV>Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd</DIV>
      <DIV>Tibotec Pharmaceutical Limited</DIV>

      I want to turn this to
      <SPONSORS>Kendle International</SPONSORS><SPONSORS>Abbott</SPONSORS>
      <SPONSORS>Barr Laboratories</SPONSORS>
      <SPONSORS>Boehringer Ingelheim
      <SPONSORS>Bristol-Myers Squibb</SPONSORS>
      <SPONSORS>Gilead Sciences</SPONSORS>
      <SPONSORS>Hoffmann-La Roche</SPONSORS>
      <SPONSORS>Idenix Pharmaceuticals</SPONSORS>
      <SPONSORS>Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd</SPONSORS>
      <SPONSORS>Tibotec Pharmaceutical Limited</SPONSORS>

      I cannot just turn all DIV to SPONSORS cause there are DIV tags that
      need to be unchanged. My working code does one pass each time and the
      one Tim suggested just erases the first DIV tags (my fault actually).

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