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82177Re: skinny cursor in terminal

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  • Tim Chase
    Aug 31, 2007
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      > The one thing I really like about gvim is the skinny cursor when in insert
      > mode. Is there any way to get a skinny cursor in the terminal version? Is
      > there another good way to allow VIM to use the cursor to tell me what mode
      > I'm in?
      > Perhaps the cursor could blink faster?

      Sounds like you're looking for what's described at

      :help termcap-cursor-shape

      where, at least in an xterm, you can tweak the cursor when
      entering/leaving insert mode. In other terminal emulators, YMMV.

      You would have to find what the escape-sequences are for the
      actual change, as I can't find them with a couple off-hand google
      searches. Perhaps the source or a wiser soul on the list has a
      source for the exact codes for common terminals. I don't know
      about changing blink-speed, but there should at least be codes
      for changing the size and color.


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